About Us

Our Mission

Have you ever been inspired by the northern lights to paint a masterpiece? Or have you driven through your hometown only to realize that the field you used to play in has become a suburb? Are you looking to join in a conversation about our changing earth, but best communicate in writing, art, or film? Then you are why The Riverbank exists. Here, we publish creative works that tell stories about sustainability. 

Our Words

Founded from a sustainability communications class, we know a thing or two about the importance of words. And in this case, we have a couple of words that need clarifying for our purposes: 

Sustainability: We look to a forward-thinking existence, where environmental, social, and economic actions foster the resilience of the land, resources, and living creatures for future generations. While economic and social actions are important, we believe that environmental sustainability is paramount.

Stories: A narrative told in written, multimedia, visual art, and/or live performance form.

Our Founders

The Riverbank is the final production for the Sustainability Communication (BCSC 204) course from MacEwan University in Edmonton, Alberta. Led by Roberta Laurie, our team of students dreamed of a place where written and visual art could celebrate our environment and also grieve for its exploitation. The founders include Shannon Delaney (Finance & Admin Director), Kelin Flanagan (Creative Director), Rebecca Topping (Managing Editor), and Lina Wencel (Promotional Director), all students from the Bachelor of Communication Studies program at MacEwan.